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Zephyrs in the afternoon

Passing through western Illinois, I did a bit of checking, and it seemed I'd only have to delay my trip for about 20 minutes or so to have a look at a familiar sight in a new location. So I decided to do that very thing, in the hope I might get a well-timed view of a Zephyr in the fading afternoon sunlight:

In the last rays of the setting sun, train No. 5, the California Zephyr, charges through the countryside near Wataga, IL on December 10, 2010. Or, basically, yesterday. The coach section is on the front of the train here, just behind the dorm car.

With business car 10001, a Pacific series Heritage dorm-lounge, and a second Superliner Transition Sleeper bringing up the rear, the Zephyr races toward Galesburg, which it will reach in just a few minutes. It was pretty much on time.

Sunset over the tracks.

In the summer months, you can get views of the Zephyr like this a lot closer to where I live. Unfortunately, another train had stopped across the grade crossing I'd planned to use to get back to Highway 34 (and eventually I-74) so I was delayed a bit more to run around it, but otherwise, I'd say this was worth the stop.
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