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Uninspired photography in Detroit Lakes, MN

I'd decided to visit BNSF's Staples Subdivision today, northwest of the Twin Cities, but alas by the time I got around Staples itself I discovered two things. One, they'd kind of wrecked my favorite train-watching spot by putting a fence up between it and the tracks. Two, it was raining. So I kept going northwest on Highway 10, and I ended up in Detroit Lakes. Where it was only sprinkling. But I found a place with a roof overhang and some other luxuries, so... That's where I stopped. That and I was running out of Minnesota; another 40 miles or so and I'd have been in North Dakota. And we couldn't have that, could we...

What I got is... below. Bad weather, bad lighting, family calling me (in one of these shots I was actually holding my cell phone to my ear with my shoulder- long story) and meh. I'm not terribly happy with these. Nor even necessarily the location, but it's not like the weather was the greatest for hunting better ones. Maybe some other day...

This is the one where I was on the phone... I wasn't able to correct an error in my autofocus system's judgement in time.

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