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let's talk about trains

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30th July 2014

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19th April 2012

araquan3:30am: The Ghost of Branding Past
Photo under the cut...Collapse )

Times change, and with it corporate branding. But sometimes an echo of the past remains, even on bare stainless steel. Here, lettering had protected the metal underneath from wear and abrasion, and the difference in surface finish remains even though the paint has been gone for nearly ten years. These ghosts of names or logos past can last for decades more; I recall seeing the faint outline of "NEW YORK CENTRAL" on a dining car in Amtrak service in 2004, at least 30 years (probably more) after that lettering had been removed.

Seen in the consist of the Southwest Chief on March 18, 2012

16th November 2011

alizara10:35pm: Have a relic. Or two.
Also, at 3:29...playing chicken with the train.

(Not my video)

X-posted to railfans & steam_trains
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3rd November 2011

araquan2:11pm: Trains Up North
The last time I had the chance to check out railroading action north of Duluth, MN was September of 2008. In spite of weather that was annoying most of the time, enough to keep me from exploring the former Duluth Missabe & Iron Range system too much, I still managed to get in a couple days of train-watching in and around Iron Junction. Some photos (of which I'm not wholly proud; maybe I'll reprocess them someday) from the first day were shared a long time ago, but none from the second day were. For various reasons the second batch was about the same, but there were a few things worth looking at. And those are the ones I share with you now...Collapse )
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4th June 2011

araquan11:47am: Southern fried railroading
Southern because it was Valdosta, GA.
Fried because it was pretty hot.
Railroading because, well... there was train stuff involved...Collapse )

1st May 2011

araquan11:51pm: 1971 - 2011
Well, today is Amtrak's 40th anniversary, believe it or not. You might think that I'm the type of person to spend a day like today someplace where I'd be likely to find an Amtrak train to take pictures of. And you'd be right...Collapse )

11th December 2010

araquan10:09am: Zephyrs in the afternoon
Passing through western Illinois, I did a bit of checking, and it seemed I'd only have to delay my trip for about 20 minutes or so to have a look at a familiar sight in a new location. So I decided to do that very thing, in the hope I might get a well-timed view of a Zephyr in the fading afternoon sunlight...Collapse )
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10th November 2010

araquan3:34pm: Two and a Half Trains
No, it's not a new railroad-themed sitcom for CBS' Monday lineup. Yesterday I decided I'd spend what would probably be the last of the warm, sunny afternoons of the year doing one of my favorite things- train watching. By the time I got down to the BNSF line through the southern part of the state I only had about three hours of light left, but I still managed to see a couple trains- or rather, two and a half trains...Collapse )
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26th October 2010

araquan6:34pm: The Trains in Nebraska
Nearly three weeks ago I took a trip out to North Platte, Nebraska to check out the largest classification yard in the world, as well as the trains that run on the line that passes through that part of the state. This is what I saw. Highly photo-filled odyssey herein...Collapse )

The next day, I began my homeward trek east...Collapse )
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19th September 2010

araquan3:33pm: The trains up north
Nearly a couple weeks ago now I shared a black and white photo from a trip on the BNSF Staples Sub, showing the last train of the day. That one was, of course, not the only train, and now I can finally get around to sharing the rest of what I saw...Collapse )

7th September 2010

araquan12:24am: Out on the Prairie
After sunset, in that part of Minnesota that's almost North Dakota and shows it, in that part of the summer that might as well be fall, the loneliness and isolation of the landscape start to set in as the last train of the day hurries through. Have a look...Collapse )

26th March 2010

araquan2:49pm: The last train of the day
In the fading light of an October evening in 2007, I decided to hold out just little longer and see if just one more train would come by while there was enough sun for a picture. And one did...Collapse )

12th March 2010

araquan4:22pm: UP 844
Some years ago I wandered out west to North Platte, Nebraska to watch UP's FEF-3 844 pass through town... I've never gotten around to sharing those photos, partly due to sloth, but partly because I've never been hugely satisfied with them. I was having to shoot into the sun most of the time when there was sun at all- the first day it was cloudy and rainy and just generally not fun. But I figured I should at least share this one. It's far from perfect but it's vaguely interesting maybe. And here it is...Collapse )
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1st January 2010

mejeep7:37am: strange Solari destinations
These photos and video are better than mine of the Solari boards in the Louis Vuitton New York flagship store on the corner of Fifth Ave and 57th Street

Not train related but very New York: huge snowflakes cover the Saks building at Rockefeller center and blink to music

28th November 2009

araquan8:36pm: Commuting near Sunset, or The Rise of the Northstar...
After having my fill of shopping, I managed to work in a little time to check out the newly established (as in, service started just shy of two weeks ago) Northstar Commuter Rail line. And so I did, right around sunset...Collapse )

Also, while I was there, a number of large aircraft passed overhead- 747s in particular. Leaving contrails at high altitude, these were not bound for MSP, but rather came in on vectors from the northwest and turned slightly to the east over the western suburbs- I suspect they were bound for east-coast destinations, or maybe Chicago after further course corrections. Of course, I grabbed a few photos of those too...Collapse )
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7th October 2009

pkbarbiedoll12:45am: Ghost Train

6th October 2009

thecrazedhermit10:29am: PM 1225 and NKP 765 Doubleheader!
Last weekend the two big Limas took a fantrip from Alma, MI up to Cadillac and back. I chased the return trip, and this little video is the result. I even got some night video! Hope you all enjoy it!

8th September 2009

araquan11:56pm: Uninspired photography in Detroit Lakes, MN
I'd decided to visit BNSF's Staples Subdivision today, northwest of the Twin Cities, but alas by the time I got around Staples itself I discovered two things. One, they'd kind of wrecked my favorite train-watching spot by putting a fence up between it and the tracks. Two, it was raining. So I kept going northwest on Highway 10, and I ended up in Detroit Lakes...Collapse )
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7th August 2009

alizara1:28pm: The gem of my collection!
Of railroad things, that is. I have a dish that was given to me by my grandmother. Her brother worked for the Michigan Central Railroad all his life. And at one point during that time he acquired a piece of china from one of the dining cars. I'm not sure if it's a tureen or a bowl or what, but I love it. Pics and more information beneath the cut:

Read more...Collapse )

All in all, I don't know if it has any value other than sentimental, given the fact that it is a bit chipped and worn. It sat on the kitchen buffet table and had stuff piled on it for a good 50 years, I expect, before it was given to me. But it's not like I'd consider selling it anyway.

Just thought I'd share it with you all. Figured someone might be interested. ^^
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27th July 2009

chu_hi12:56am: Dubai Metro, Jumeirah Lake Towers Station
As far as we know, the Dubai Metro is on schedule to commence operation on 09 September, 2009. There's an unconfirmed rumor that only 10 of the Red Line's 35 stations will open on this date, and if that is so, nobody knows which stations those would be. (Will they span the city? Will the Metro operate on only one end of town?)

Here are a couple of pictures I took of one station, the Jumeirah Lake Towers Station.

This photograph was taken in February of 2009.

A closer look, taken on the same day.

And this was taken today ~ July 26, 2009.

I promise to get up somewhere high, to get pictures of the rails and trains, before construction is completed. :^)

17th June 2009

15_the_circle11:43pm: back from the dead?

check this out: a proposal to reactivate abandoned railway lines in the UK.  (source: BBC)

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